Artemis had an idea to do a girl games, made just for girls. She didn't think it was fair for boys to have all the fun! In "Artemis the Loyal", she convinces Zeus to make her dream come true, but on one condition. The games would have to be called the Heraean games, in honor of his wife, Hera. In this book, Artemis is stressed out because she is organizing the whole games for her group and her self only, and an Amazon girl that came to participate in the games is flirting with her crush, Actaeon. And it doesn't help when that particular Amazon is going against her in the archery round of the game! Aphrodite was shopping at the Immortal Marketplace when she sees a cute kitten! She names it Adonis and takes it back to the academy. Artemis and Athena think they should tell Zeus about the kitten, but Aphrodite is afraid that Adonis will get kicked out. She and Persephone fight for Adonis' love, but in the end, they realize they both care for him, and they take turns caring for him. Athena is worried about Persephone and Aphrodite's kitten, and it's hard keeping a secret from her Dad, Zeus. Athena is also depressed because her crush, Heracles, is off at a wrestling match and she thinks he won't be able to come back in time to see her participate in the games. But she was in for a surprise!