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Persephone is the goddess of nature, and is part of the Goddess Girls along with Artemis, Athena and Aphrodite. She is twelve years old at the start of the series, and can make flowers grow with the touch of her hand. She is starred in two books: Persephone The Phony, and Persephone The Daring. She lives with her mom at home, instead of the dorm rooms in the academy.


Persephone is described as having pale skin and frizzy red hair. She wears a yellow chiton, and has green eyes.


Persephone's mother, Demeter, encourages her to "go along to get along" but when she meets a godboy named Hades, she begins to live by her own opinions, instead of just following others. It can be depicted from "Persephone The Phony" that she is not so confident with herself, always following people's wishes without carrying out hers'. Persephone helps sort things out and is very calm.

Persephone becomes a dog-lover because of Cerberus, a three-headed dog in the Underworld. The dog is owned by her boyfriend, Hades. In "Persephone The Daring", she has her first kiss with him. In "The Girl Games" she realizes she also loves cats, when Aphrodite finds a stray kitten in the girls' local mall, the "Immortal Marketplace".


Persephone and Athena sit together at lunch. They are part of the Goddess Girls, along with Artemis and Aphrodite. They officially meet by Aphrodite's introduction, and are best friends throughout the series.

Aphrodite usually takes Persephone shopping with her, since Persephone mostly agrees.

Artemis and Persephone sit together at lunch. They are part of the Goddess Girls, along with Aphrodite and Athena.

Hades is Persephone’s crush and good friend. Their relationship started in Persephone The Phony. After Persephone went shopping with Aphrodite and Athena, her ball of yarn unravelled, leading her to a cemetery. While Persephone thought it was a peaceful place, Hades suddenly emerges from the ground on a black stallion. The two talk, and Hades admits that he skips school a lot, mostly due to the bullying from other godboys. He is impressed with Persephone’s talent with growing flowers, remarking, “Where I come from almost nothing grows.” Later in "The Girl Games", he helps Persephone with the long jump.

Demeter is depicted as an overprotective mother, disallowing Persephone to attend any dance that has godboys. She also judges Hades as dangerous, not want Persephone to talk to him again. When she sends her daughter’s friends to spy and found out Persephone disobeyed her, she is anxious, which lead she to an argument between them both.

Persephone plans to run away, but when stubbing her toe, Demeter immediately rushes to her aid. Thye patch things up, Demeter willing to give a bit of independence.