Friends: Medusa, and Pheme
Eye Color: sky blue
Hair Color: blond and blue
Crush: Poseidon/Epimetheus

Pandora is one of the few mortals at MOA, as she was gifted with many gifts, including her most famous one, Curiousity. She is the most curious out of her friends, and shares a dorm room with Athena, one of the Goddess Girls. She has one book she starred in: Pandora the Curious.


Medusa- Pandora and Medusa sit together at lunch. They both are common in the area that they are both one of the only few mortals invited to Mount Olympus Academy.

Pheme- Pandora and Pheme sit together at lunch. This is because Pheme is the goddess of Rumour, and Pandora is curious to know the happenings of the school.


The galley pictures are the same pictures of Pandora on Pandora the Curious. The names of the pictures are Pandora.JPG and PandoraThe.JPG.

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