Background Information




Physical Appearance
Eye Color

Sky Blue

Hair Color

Blonde with blue streaks

Pandora is one of the few mortals at Mount Olympus Academy, as she was gifted with many gifts, including her most famous one, Curiosity. She shares a dorm room with Athena, one of the Goddess Girls, and is always asking questions. She is the main protagonist in Pandora The Curious.

She used to have a crush on Poseidon, but then it was Epimetheus in “Pandora The Curious”. Her friends are Athena, Medusa and Pheme. As a symbol of her great curiosity, her blue-and-gold streaked bangs are in the shape of a question mark, which are also the school colors. She is very nice, but it is hard for the other goddess girls to actually have a conversation with her because of her lack of attention. When she talks to them she just keeps on asking questions without giving them a chance to answer.


Pandora and Medusa sit together at lunch. They both are common in the area that they are both one of the only few mortals invited to Mount Olympus Academy.

Pandora and Pheme sit together at lunch. This is because Pheme is the goddess of rumor, and Pandora is curious to know the happenings of the school.


  • The gods created her.
  • In fifth grade, Pandora accidentally opened a box of disasters in Mr. Epimetheus’s class.