Mom: Ceto
Dad: Phorcys
Siblings: Stheno, Euryale
Friends: Pheme and Pandora
Enemies: None
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: Green Snakes
Crush: Dionysus

Medusa is one of the few mortals at MOA. Medusa is the only girl with snakes in her hair! She is starred in two books: Medusa The Mean and Medusa the Rich

Pets Edit

She has a dozen snakes growing out of her head that she treats like pets. The snakes names are: Viper, Flicka, Pretzel, Snapper, Twister, Slinky, Lasso, Slither, Scaly, Emerald, Sweetpea and Wiggle

Friends and RelationshipsEdit

Pandora- Medusa and Pandora sit together at lunch.

Pheme- Medusa and Pheme sit together at lunch.

Dionysus- Dionysus is her crush, although she liked Poseidon at the begining of the series.


The gallery pictures are the same pictures of Medusa on Medusa The Mean. The pictures are named Medusa.jpg and Gragru.jpg.