The Immortal Marketplace stood halfway between the heavens and Earth, below the cloud line.

The Immortal Marketplace is where gods and goddesses alike shop at. It is spacious, with a high-ceilinged crystal roof and columns separating the many shops. It sells the latest Greek fashions, tridents, and even thunderbolts.

Aphrodite loves going to the make-up shop, where statues can place make-up on the customer.


Arachne’s Sewing SuppliesEdit

The shop sells fabrics, threads, and yarn. Athena is particular visits to get her knitting supplies.

Arts of WarfareEdit

Arts of Warfare is a store that sells spears, tridents, and thunderbolts.

Cleo’s CosmeticsEdit

Cleo’s Cosmetics is Aphrodite’s favorite shop, regularly attending for her makeup supplies. One of the store clerks is a lady with purple hair and three eyes, whom Aphrodite plays matchmaker with Mr. Cyclops, the Hero-ology teacher.

Demeter’s Daisies, Daffodils, and Floral DelightsEdit

Persephone’s mom, Demeter, owns this flower shop in the mall.

Hera’s Happy EndingsEdit

Hera’s Happy Endings is a bridal shop that Hera owns. It is first introduced in Medusa The Mean.

Play SprayEdit

Play Spray is a store that sells temporary body sprays and paints. Orion bought a bottle of "GodBod", which makes mortals have their skin shimmer like gods and goddesses.