Hephaestus is the godboy of blacksmiths and metalworking. He first appears in “Aphrodite The Beauty”. He is scrawny, clumsy, and lame in both legs. Aphrodite doesn't like his looks but she thinks that he has "inner beauty". He has a crush on Aphrodite at first and gives her beautiful roses, but later in the series he develops an interest in another MOA goddess girl named Aglaia.

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Blacksmiths and metalworking

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Hephaestus is quite kind, even though he is often picked on. He shows interest in Aphrodite initially, giving her gifts and a golden bracelet he created himself.

He has a silver cane which he made himself, etched with leaves and flowering vines. He loves to turn things into something beautiful, and usually walks outside, which he claims is good for his legs.

For Artemis's and Apollo's birthday, he and Aphrodite made arrows from Athena's blueprint design. The first one is named Opis, meaning 'aim', the second one is Loxos, meaning 'trajectory', and the last is Hekaergos, meaning 'distancing'.


Atlas is one of the godboys who picks on Hephaestus. When Aphrodite mentions she is starving in “Aphrodite The Beauty”, the other godboys eagerly offer their spot. Atlas, who is standing in front of Hephaestus, picks the godboy up carelessly. Being the godboy of strength, Atlas often is reckless and doesn’t seem aware of other people’s feelings.

Hephaestus shows interest in Aphrodite in "Aphrodite The Beauty", talking to her at a party the godboy Ares has thrown in the boy’s dorm room. Later they meet, and he walks Aphrodite to the Academy. He gives her gifts, like roses, but when she shows no interest in them, he realizes that they are not meant to be.

Aglaia is a romantic interest that Hephaestus currently (as of known) has.