Heavens above 001
Heavens above 003

Midnight (Right) is Hades Favorite horse that he owns.

Heavens above 002
Heavens above 004
Heavens above 005
 Heavens Above is a band that performs at MOA (Mount Olympus Academy) dances. There are four members in the band, occasianally five. Heavens Above was created by the twin of Artemis, Apollo.


Posieden is the lead drummer of Heavens Above. He has blonde hair, a fair skin tone, and blue eyes. His favorite color appears to be Turquiose. Posiedon never leaves his dormroom without his trident. His roommate is Hades godboy of the underworld. Posiedon has no specific crush despite all of the other girls who adore him .


Hades is the gatekeeper of the Underworld because of this fact he declined his invite into the band but he fills in for Posiedon as lead drummer when he is away on an undersea expedition.He owns a chariot and a few horses. His favorite is Midnight. His roommate is Posiedon, although he owns his own house outside Tartarus. He has black hair, pale skin, and loves dark colors. Hades also has feelings for Persephone goddess girl of nature.







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