The Goddess Girls is a series of books written by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams, published by Simon & Schuster under theAladdin imprint. The books were published in paperback format and as books. These books are about Greek goddesses in Greek mythology with a twist.

The series re-created the ancient Greek mythology with a modern spin, and tells stories of the younger generation of Olympian pantheon as privileged tween students attending Mount Olympus Academy (MOA) to develop their divine skills and progresses.

Holub came up with the idea to "write a mythology-based series set at a middle school", and was joined by William to produce a series focused on four primary characters - AthenaPersephoneAphrodite, and Artemis as a diverse group of loyal friends. Athena is noted for being brainy, Persephone is calm and kind, Artemis is brave and strong, and Aphrodite is "effortlessly beautiful". Zeus was cast as the Principal of the Academy. This series also stars many other popular gods, including Hades, ApolloPoseidon, and Ares. The mortals Pandora and Medusa are also mentioned in the series.

The series also included deities and characters from contemporary pantheons as visitors to the Academy.


Goddessgirls Edit


Athena is a brainy girl and she never quite fit in at her mortal junior high school. After years, she finally discovers her father is Zeus--King of the Gods and Ruler of the Heavens--she is summoned to Mount Olympus Academy, where she thinks she actually might fit in for once.

Athena makes friends with the most popular girls at school--PersephoneAphrodite, and Artemis. Different as they can be, they're still best buds and help each other. She is the smartest girl in the academy and always makes A's. Her favorite animal is the owl. She can shape shift and she usually shape shifts in to an owl. Athena became the goddessgirl of wisdom at Mount Olympus due to her "braininess" and wisdom. In "Athena the Wise" she has a crush on Heracles. In "Athena the Proud", she is jealous of Heracles' cousin because they were spending a lot of time together.


Mysterious Persephone loves flowers. Persephone is described to have pale skin and frizzy red-orange hair with flowers and leaves entwined in it. Her mother says "goes along to get along", but she doesn't like that policy. When she meets a boy named Hades, she throws away her "getting along" policy and begins to live with her own opinions--instead of just following others. Persephone's crush is Hades. Persephone helps sort things out and is very calm. Persephone became a dog-lover because of Ceberus, a three-headed dog in the Underworld.

Persephone is the daughter of Demeter, the goddess of fertility. Persephone can make flowers grow and stop withering with a single touch of her finger, due to the fact that Persephone follows after her mother as the goddess of fertility.


Aphrodite, one of the most popular girls at school and the most beautiful goddessgirl at school, is obsessed with her looks. She is "effortlessly beautiful" and the cutest girl at school. She loves matchmaking mortals and helping mortals in love. In "Aphrodite the Diva" she made a Lonely Hearts Club, a club to help mortals in love, to raise her grades. Not surprisingly, her beauty attracts a lot of attention, especially with godboys. Especially Ares which she has a crush on. 

Aphrodite is annoyed at the constant attention and in "Aphrodite the Beauty", she tries to transfer the attention to Athena by giving her a makeover. That didn't work out so well, because when Aphrodite and her friends show off Athena, nobody pays attention to Aphrodite except for Hephaestus who likes her in the beginning. Ares especially has a liking to Athena, but in the end of the book, Athena and Aphrodite realized it was only because Ares wanted to have a city named after him and he thought that because Athena was Principal Zeus's daughter,she could ask.

Having sprung from sea foamAphrodite has no parents, although in the past, Medusa teased her about it. 


Brave Artemis loves animals and sports. She's a professional archer and the best one at Mount Olympus Academy, alongside with her twin brother, Apollo who is ten minutes younger than her. Artemis cares nothing for fashion. Artemis is the goddessgirl of the moon and the hunt. She has three dogs, AmbyNectar, and Suez. Her four white deer pull her chariot, but Zeus never allowed Artemis to have any other pets. She also has a crush on Actaeon. Actaeon actually kissed her on the cheek!

In "Artemis the Brave", Artemis has her first crush with a guy named Orion. She later realizes that Orion only cared about himself. In "The Girl Games", she shares her first kiss with a mortal boy named Actaeon.

In Artemis the Loyal, Artemis attempts to persuade Zeus to allow girls to enter the Olympic Games. She ends up concocting a brilliant plan instead--a girls only Olympics! Her plan ultimately works, and Zeus decides to name them after his new wife, Hera.

The Heraean Games, or less formally, the Girl Games, are described in the new book The Girl Games which was released in late July. A preview of the book is provided in the end of Medusa the Mean and on


As the rumor and gossip goddess, she talks fast and while she talks, small clouds form and word fills the air, she has crazy red hair and always spreads rumors!She always has something to say. Pheme can't stand a day without talking her heart out! She stars in "Pheme the Gossip", and has a crush on Eros.

Godboys Edit


Apollo is the god boy of truth and prophesy. He is Artemis's twin brother and he is not mentioned much in the series except for Artemis the Brave" where Artemis has a crush on a mortal boy who every boy including Apollo, himself, thinks is an obnoxious blow heart. He is part of a band called "Heavens Above".He was also has kind of a big role in "Artemis the Loyal".


Ares is the godboy of war and he is the "hottest" godboy in MOA according to Aphrodite. He is the fastest runner in Mount Olympus Academy. He and Aphrodite are always on an on-again and off-again relationship, but in Aphrodite the Diva and the books after that book it is usually on because Ares wrote a song for her. He plays a minor role in the series except for the third book, Aphrodite the Beauty.


Dionysus is the godboy of wine. Dionysus does not play a major role in the Goddess Girls series, except for the eighth book "Medusa the Mean" where he has a small major role. Medusa is Dionysus's crush and they like each other after that. He also stars in "Medusa the Rich".


Poseidon is the godboy of the sea. He always carries a trident (which has been called a pitchfork, much to his annoyance)around and always seems to be dripping wet, as if he was just swimming. He is one of the most popular godboys, due to his good looks and flirty nature. Medusa used to like Posedion, until she realized he was a jerk and decided he wasn't worth it. Pandora liked him too, but in Pandora the Curious, she loses interest in him and starts liking Epimetheus. The reason they both stopped liking Poseidon is, that they realized/found out that he is very self centered. It is possible that he had a brief crush on Athena, since she wasn't wooed by him the first time they met, unlike with most other girls. In "Amphitrite the Bubbly", he liked Amphitrite. He was worried that Thesis would outshine him, but Amphitrite pretended to be Thesis so she could get out and into the world.

Hades Edit

Hades is not mentioned until "Persephone the Phony". He was dark, gloomy, and he didn't talk much, until Persephone came in. Persephone was the first to judge by his character and to the fact that he is from the Underworld. He talks and smiles in the later books. In "The Girl Games", he was the coach for Persephone for the long jump. Hades has a three-headed dog named {Ceberus} in the Underworld.

Mortals Edit


In the first seven books, mean-girl Medusa is the archenemy of the four most popular goddessgirls at MOA. She is famous for her stone-ifying gaze, which was accidentally caused by one of Athena's inventions. Snarkypoo, or as Athena misspelled it, Snakeypoo, dripped in Medusa's eyes when she was showering and ended up making her gaze able to turn mortals into stone. Snarkypoo was originally made to turn snarky words into stone.

Medusa has two twin immortal sisters, Sethno and Euryale. They helped her get into Moa (An Immortal school though, mortals impressed Zeus to get in) by tricking Zeus into thinking she has magic Goddess girl powers like her sisters when they were little, and friends. Stheno and Euryale are goddess girls, but Medusa is mortal. In Medusa the Mean, the real part of Medusa is exposed--what she actually wants is immortality and popularity. One of her big secrets is that she actually has to study extremely hard to keep up! In Medusa the Mean she gets to be immortal for one day because of her "present" to Principal Zeus's wedding. Since she is mortal, and not many mortals get to go to MOA, her sisters snuck her, in then Zeus found out but he let her stay. In the early book, Medusa had a crush on Poseidon, but she later learned that Poseidon wasn't worth it. She realized that another Godboy, Dionysus, lliked her more, so she stopped being possessive of Poseidon and joined Dionysus, who liked her back. In Greek mythology, the three Gorgon sisters—MedusaStheno, and Euryale—were all children of the ancient marine deities Phorcys (or Phorkys) and his sister Ceto (or Keto), chthonic monsters from an archaic world. In the Goddess Girls series, Ceto and Phorcys are mentioned as a sea monster and sea hog.


Pandora is described as a mortal girl who asks constant questions all day. As if a sign of her curiosity, her hair is streaked with blue and her bangs are plastered against her forehead in the shape of a question mark. Pandora is not a major role in the Goddess Girls series so far, but the new book Pandora the Curious is is the main character. In that book, she proves that curiosity causes trouble, but is also helpful.She used to have a crush on Poseidon, but changed to Epimetheus.

Any siblings or parents of Pandora are not mentioned in the Goddess Girls series. In Greek mythologyPandora was allegedly the first woman who was made out of clay. Each god was believed to give Pandora a gift, curiosity being one example.

Her best friends are Medusa and Pheme


The character Heracles is not mentioned until the fifth book of the series, Athena the Wise. He is described as a mortal boy with dark, curly hair, wears a lion-skin cape, and carries a big club with him. Aphrodite always makes fashion statements about the cape, but Heracles's friends think it's cool. In the book Athena the Wise, Heracles must complete 12 labors or else to be kicked out of school! The principal (and Athena's father), Zeus, secretly asks his daughter to watch after Heracles. Heracles is Athena's crush.


Actaeon isn't mentioned until the book "Artemis the Brave", in Artemis the loyal he plays a minor role. He is friends with Apollo. Apollo thinks that Actaeon likes Artemis. Artemis has feelings for Actaeon and in "The Girl Games" they kiss.


Cassandra appears in the book Cassandra the Lucky. She is a Trojan Princess, and is angry with The Three A's, Apollo, Aphrodite, and Athena. She has the gift of prophecy, but Apollo cursed her so that no one would believe her prophecies.