{{Character |MainColor = red |Name = Apollo |image = Heavens above 005.jpg |caption = Apollo |Siblings = Artemis |Friends = Heracles, Poseidon, etc. |Enemies = Orion |Eye Color = Midnight Blue |Hair Color = Black |Crush = Cassandra|

Heavens above 005
Siblings: Artemis
Friends: Heracles, Poseidon, etc.
Enemies: Orion
Eye Color: Midnight Blue
Hair Color: Black
Crush: Cassandra
God Of: music and archery

Apollo is the brother of Artemis, goddess girl of the hunt. He is looked over in most books except in the one's where Artemis is the main character. Apollo is a skilled archer just like his sister. Apollo also wins the Python-a-Thon. He is in a band with Dionysus, Poseidon and Ares, called 'Heavens Above'.


Apollo is often bothered when Artemis takes care of him to much. Being the godboy of prophecy, he can't tell lies, which sometimes gets him into tight situations. He does care for Artemis,  he was once worried about her crush on Orion, who everyone (but her) knew wasn't that good of a person. He is especially good friends with Dionysus, and shares a dorm with him in MOA (Mount Olympus Academy). He is intellegent, as seen by his method of defeating the Python, but terrible when attempting to tell a lie.


  • Despite the fact that Apollo can't tell a lie, it appears that this is not his greatest weakness.
  • Apollo get's annoyed when his sister Artemis is to overprotective of him
  • Apollo is in a band called 'Heavens Above'
  • He shares a dorm with Dionysus
  • Apollo is the godboy of prophecy
  • He won the Python-a-Thon
  • Brother of Artemis