Aphrodite the Diva is a book in the Goddess Girls series.

This book revolves around the fact that Aphrodite doesn't like when people think she's all beauty and no brains, and she knows her getting a D on hero-logy isn't going to help matters, particularly after that small incident known as the Trojan war, which she helped to start.

So - and even though she really wanted to take a holiday with her friends during Hero Week - Aphrodite convinces Mr. Cyclops, the herology teacher, to let her work on a special project to bring her grade up.

So she starts The Lonely Hearts Club, where she plans to use her skills as Goddess of Love to help mortals find love. But a small problem arises when her first case leads her to Isis - the Egyptian Goddess of Love - and soon she finds herself in competition with the other goddess girl, trying to find a match for one of the most annoying boys ever!.

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