Aphrodite The Beauty
Aphrodite the Beauty-1-
Book Information
Book No. 3
Release Date April 12, 2010
Main Character Aphrodite
Persephone The Phony Artemis The Brave

Official Summary

Aphrodite delights in helping mortals in love, but she's pretty annoyed at the constant attention she gets from the godboys at Mount Olympus Academy. When she decides to give Athena a makeover, she's a bit unprepared for the result. She didn't count on all the interest Athena's new look would get. And she certainly never thought she'd find herself jealous of one of her best friends! Will she be able to put the jealousy behind her?


The story revolves around Aphrodite deciding to help Athena and give her a makeover. Aphrodite does such an amazing job that soon all the godboys flock to Athena instead of her. Aphrodite isn't sure she likes the change in behavior, as she is used to godboys being around her.

The situation complicates when Ares falls for Athena, Aphrodite's crush. Aphrodite gets upset at Athena, but wants everything to go back to the way it was without loosing their friendship.

Only one godboy seems to be attracted to Aphrodite, which is a godboy named Hephaestus. He gives Aphrodite gifts and attention, and although Aphrodite is honored, she only likes him as a friend.

Meanwhile, a mortal named Hippomenes requests Aphrodite for help with a maiden named Atalanta. Atalanta is famed for being very fast, and Hippomenes wants to win a race for her hand in marriage, even if he dies trying. Aphrodite has a plan, and Hephaestus makes three golden apples for her to give. Hippomenes wins the race by throwing them in different time intervals to run ahead of Atalanta. Atalanta can’t resist picking up the fruit, and they end up getting married.

When the goddesses return back to Mount Olympus Academy, Aphrodite realizes that although Hephaestus may not be handsome, he has inner beauty. She notices a goddessgirl named Aglaia staring at Hephaestus wistfully, and encourages him to go talk to her.