Artemis, his crush

Actaeon isn't mentioned until the book Artemis the Loyal, where he plays a minor role. He is friends with Apollo. Apollo thinks that Actaeon likes Artemis. Artemis has feelings for Actaeon and in "The Girl Games", Actaeon admits he likes Artemis, and he kisses her on the cheek, with some help from Aphrodite.

appearance though he hasn't been shown on any of the book covers yet we do know that he has brown hair and grey eyes

personality in Artemis the loyal it says Actaeon is sweet and very forgiving as he was quick to forgive Artemis after she turns him into a stag. he is also good natured and can take a joke. he was also kind of shy and had trouble telling Artemis he likes her (until Aphrodite pushed Artemis to try and help them out)